heroCaped Heroes strongly believes in helping non-profits organizations that help others in need. Because of this we discount all non-profit organizations 20% off all our services.

Caped Heroes Gives Back!

We donate 15% of our earning to a varity of charties. We also take it one step more and donate 1 fan page and 1 website a month to non-profits in need of our help and can't afford it with there budget.

Need a little extra help!

Are you helping others, but don't have the budget for a Website or Facebook Business Fan Page or maybe your Website just needs a make-over. Contact us and let us know. Caped Heroes gives away 1 fan page and 1 website a month to Heroes that help others. Let us know by filling out our Contact Us form. Let us know a little about your non-profit, how you help others and how we can help you.