There's no I in Heroes, but there is in Heroism... Nevermind

Caped Heroes would like to invite you to join the sidekick program. For every person you refer that becomes our customer, you will recieve 20% of the commision.

How does it work?

Simply display our marketing materials or tell people about our services and if they use us, you recieve 20% of the total purchase*. It's that simple!

Average client purchase:

Product Price Range Commission
Website $1000 - $4000 $200 - $800
Facebook Fan Pages $200 - $400 $40 - $80
Blogs Setup $100 - $200 $20 - $40
Mobile Websites $400 - $600 $80 - $120
Twitter, YouTube, Blog Layouts $75 $15.00
Custom Facebook Profile Image $75 $15.00
Web Application, Databases, Paypal Intergration open open

What do I need to sign up?

Absolutly nothing! Just display our materials and your ready. Taking the extra step and telling your clients is up to you.

I already have clients who are interested! What can I do?

Give us a call at our referral line or email us at and let us know who they are and we will go ahead and contact the client.

How will I get paid?

Payment can be received in two ways:

Via Paypal Check

All payments will be made at the completion of the project.

Do I receive a discount for being a sidekick?

As a sidekick, you receive a 20% discount on any services you use with us. You must have completed to referral transaction, before being able to receive this discount yourself.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Give us a call at 888.393.2387 or email us at

* Minus expenses (hostings, domain name, images purchased for job)

Our Services


Need help setting up a Blog or a custom design, or simply have no clue why you should start a Blog in the first place? We can guide you step by step on what to do and how to execute a successful blog.Tips: Blogs can dramatically help you show up on Search Engines.


Does your business have a mobile-friendly site? If not, call us to get started. With 53% of Americans using their smartphone on the web, you can't afford not to be mobile. Tips: Mobile use is predicted to overcome desktop use by as early as 2015.

Custom Youtube Layouts

Need your YouTube videos channel to match your business or just looking to stand out? We can customize your YouTube channel to match your website theme or help your products stand out to your clients.

Twitter Backgrounds

To follow or not to follow. You have a split second for someone to like your Twitter page and follow you. Our custom design will help you highlight key elements, point out important information, stand out and attract new followers. TWEET TWEET.

Web Applications

Out of the box solutions not working? We can help you develop a custom solution to fit your business needs.


I.E. CRM, Tracking systems, registrations or a whole new idea.


Have you outgrown Access or Excel? Are you looking for a better method for your external/internal processes? Caped Heroes can help you take your Excel/Access system to the next level.

Tips: We can convert your Excel/Access application and make it web based.

Fan Pages

Do you need to take payments or implement paypal on your website and not sure how to? We can walk you through the entire process and help setup your payment gateway.

Tips: Did you know you can add paypal to your site with just a click of a button?

Custom Profile Images

Not looking for a Fan Page yet, but still want an edge above your competitors? Custom Facebook profile images are a great way to do that. At only $75 dollars, we can help you get your important messages to stand out.