Facebook Timeline Cover Guidelines

New Facebook Pages Terms for cover photos When Facebook announced Timeline for Fan Pages (businesses), they also updated their Facebook Pages Terms with new guidelines for cover photos. A Page’s cover photo may not: – Encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines, – Include price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it [...]

How to keep your website fresh?

With so many sites in the vast universe of the World Wide Web (that’s right, a phrase from the 90′s). How can someone tell if there is life on your website? Holidays. Yes, holidays! A simple update to your website to coincide with the current holiday can make a huge difference. It tells your potential [...]

How do I add an admin to my Facebook Page?

How do I add other admins to my Facebook Page? To add another admin to your Facebook Page: Open your Page’s admin panel Click Manage  Select Edit Page From the left column menu, click Manage Admins Type the names of other people you’d like to add in the open field and clickSave Changes    

Tom, the average user on Facebook has 130 friends. When Tom clicks on Caped Heroes Fan Page “Like”, he has just notified his 130 friends that he likes your company, product, services, etc. His friends now see that Tom “Likes” Caped Heroes. Being curious, they take a look at Caped Heroes. If 10 of his [...]

Welcome To Caped Hero Super Blog

You asked and we delivered! We have been asked by numerous clients that we arm them with knowledge they never had before. Many have asked if we could post tips on social media and websites. We’ve heard their call and we’ve answered. Weekly, we will post tips on how to make your website better and [...]